Dating Sites for Smart People

Is there intelligent life on dating sites? Of course, but that’s hardly the right question to be asking. The more accurate question is: what sort of intelligence are you into?

Since dating sites began catering to more precise tastes, a whole host of dating sites for smart people have cropped up, leaving even the brightest of us confused. To save the valuable time you could and should be spending engaging in better and wiser activities – i.e. procreating to replenish humanity’s diminishing supply of intelligence – we’ve compiled a compendium of dating sites for smart people who want to meet similarly smart people. Whether you’re looking for a fellow Mensan, an Ivy League grad, or Oscar Wilde-ian banter over a glass of wine, we’ve got you covered.

Intellect Connect

dating for smart peopleIntellect Connect is for a “meeting of the minds.” The site caters to the artistically, culturally, and intellectually inclined, as evidenced by their front-page photo of a young couple locking bespectacled eyes over a hardcover. The entire site is FREE and it’s a good idea to check it out for their event calendar alone (only covers 10 major U.S. cities). The best thing about Intellect Connect is it makes no attempt to pigeon-hole “intelligence” into “high IQ.”

It emphasizes intellectual pursuits and proclivities rather than your ability to know what comes after 1, 2, 4, 7…The site is absolutely free for full membership and there’s also a platonic section for smarties who just want to be friends with other smarties.

Brainiac Dating

dating for smart peopleBrainiac Dating boasts a membership base of over 26,000 members and there is no test of any sort so it’s easy enough to sign up. The lack of a test also means that anyone who is smart enough to remember his/her name, e-mail address and birthday can become a ‘brainiac. So, it’s sort of like the real world, with everyone thinking they’re smarter than they might actually be, but the large membership base of people who at least value intelligence makes it worth checking out. The site testimonials also feature members who report that there’s a good opportunity to meet intellectually compatible partners.

Our favorite part of Brainiac Dating is their very active member base and the fact that the site is very well maintained by the administrators. All of this gives the site a community feel – a community of very smart brainiac singles.

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The Onion Personals (aka “Fast Cupid”)

smart people datingIf all smart people are witty and some witty people are single, what are the chances of finding a smart single on The Onion Personals?

We’d say, it’s fairly decent.

If your bookshelves house the likes of David Sedaris and Jonathan Swift, head over to The Onion Personals to mingle with other wits like yourself.

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Doc Dates

dating sites for young professionalsDoes a high level of education = smart? If you think so, you may want to check out Doc Dates, a place where educated singles can meet for free.

Doc Dates caters only to singles who have at least a bachelor’s degree, although it’s quite common to find singles with advanced degrees, such as M.D.s, J.D.s, and Ph.Ds here.

Doc Dates also allows you to search for straight and gay smarties.

Love for Wits

dating for smart peopleWe really try not to play favorites but yeah, we quite like Love for Wits – if only for its quirky sense of humor. It stresses a more well-rounded intelligence and out of all the smarty-themed dating sites that have cropped up in the past decade or so, this one comes with the most character.There is a test to join in the form of 20-minute quiz on questions ranging from history to logic to current events. Don’t be intimidated, though – they give you a re-take if you’re not well-versed enough the first time. As a member, you have access to a plethora of services.

Love for Wits has frequently updated blog posts, written in characteristically tongue-in-cheek humor, about everything from politics to books, etc. Members can add photos, videos, music, as well as their own blogs. It also comes with its own Instant Messaging (IM) system so you can chat in real time with your fellow wits.

Sweet on Geeks

geek dating sitesFounded by two nerds in love, Sweet on Geeks exists to help intellectually-inclined people find their soul mate. Despite their name, this site caters to a range broader than geeks; they aim to bring together geeks, nerds, coders, gamers, theatre junkies, and anyone else who appreciates intelligence, offbeat humor, and the non-conformity of the geek spirit.

Trial membership is free for 30 days and full membership costs only $5 per month. There’s no reason not to try it out.


Nerd Passions

free dating site for nerdsNerd Passions is more than a dating service. The site serves as an online community and resource board for nerds of all stripes and colors.

The site is entirely FREE and there are a number of ways – including live chat rooms – via which you can instantly meet and connect with fellow nerds.



smart people datingDo all intelligent people read? Maybe not, but if you’re a book-loving smarty, you might be interested in Alikewise, a dating site that matches people based on reading preferences.You know that feeling you get when you meet someone who mentions a mind-blowing book that you just finished reading? Well, Alikewise is basically a website devoted entirely to finding that feeling for you over and over and over again.

If you’re somewhat disillusioned with the idea that filling out questionnaires will find you your ideal match, you might want to try this dating site that attempts to draw people together based on passionate interests.