An eHarmony for Teens?

An eHarmony for Teens?

If you’re a teenager dying to try out the matchmaking formulas of sites such as eHarmony and, there is hope for you yet., a resource site for all students aged 13 – 24, provides a few new matchmaking services intended to be kinda like a dating site for teenagers. They’re worth checking out. Hey, who knows – you just might meet that special someone playing a round of virtual spin-the-bottle.

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Teen Matches is a simplified version of eHarmony’s complex matchmaking algorithm.

You just enter your name, pick 5 categories and your ideal rating for each of them, and the site will find you a perfect match!

You can also choose the ‘random’ option if you’re feeling adventurous.

teenage dating sitesMate Finder is a little more detailed.

You fill out a compatibility test and get matches based on your compatibility profile.

The best part of this service is that they update your matches as more and more members get added onto their database.

So, tell all your friends to join. The more, the merrier!

teen dating sitesLast but certainly not least is the classic Spin the Bottle, Internet-style.

It allows you to spin the bottle for matches in your college, state, or country.

Sweetest part: this all being on the Internet, you have no obligations to kiss the occasional frog.

Done with finding matches and want a teenage dating site you can actually find a date on?

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